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Paul is now taking bookings in the Salisbury & Wiltshire area!



Paul Knight is a professional close up illusionist that specialises in weddings and events. Paul offers a wide range of mind boggling illusions that will captivate and entertain audiences for hours. Paul has a unique mix of humour and slight of hand that he has perfected over many years to outstand even the most observant clientelle. Paul has now been a member of the magic circle for ... years which is testiment to his skill and mastery as an illusionist.

Paul has always had a certain charm and unique humour. People are his passion. So at a young age he soon realised that magic is the ideal vehicle for him to shine. His magic is first class. Fuse these things together with his unique personality, wit and charm, and you have a top class act that cannot be matched.


Close up magic is interactive, captivating and entertaining. It is versatile to any event. It crosses language barriers. It can be performed in both loud busy settings and quiet private events. It is universal for all ages, and class. It can be personalised. It brings people together and is the ideal ice breaker. But above all of these reasons, it leaves spectators amazed long after the event, giving each and every one of them a lasting memory and memento of your event. Whether it be a wedding, a private party, a ball, a prom, a works do or a house party, Paul's magic can be adapted to fit any setting to suit your needs.


Paul is based in Salisbury. Paul has been performing magic around the UK for the last 20 years and is a member of the world famous Magic Circle. He has advised for TV, and all of his work is original. Magic is his passion. His attention to detail is second to none. The magic Paul performs and the way he performs it is the result of 20 years experience and attention to detail.

Paul's unique style and magic mean that Paul is booked throughout the year at all manner of venues, weddings, private parties etc. The majority of his bookings come in through being seen performing in person and witnessing the first hand reactions.


"I've seen Paul many times performing his magic, either if it's in the pub or at weddings he always keeps the crowd memorized and wanting more ..even if the pub has closed or the wedding has finished! Always professional but always makes the audience feel at ease ..they walk away completely amazed!"

Allen Harvey in Gosport

"Magic from the fingers and wit from the mouth... and who said men couldn't do two things at once?"

Cathy Byers in Warminster

"Paul's magic never ceases to amaze me, time after time! Once again the phrases `no way!’ and jaws hitting the floor filled the venue. Everyone was mesmerised and in awe. I know you're not a wizard or sorcerer, however years ago you'd have been burned at the stake! Thank you again for amazing and entertaining myself and our guests. Expect a fourth booking from us!!!!"

Han Aldhouse in Salisbury

"What can I say, he's magic!!! completely baffles me, I have to say I would book him for a evening, not only for the magical side of it, he also has a way with people, good banter and a cracking sense of humour."

Rob Cowley in Codford, Warminster